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The Liberal Left is Lost on Immigration

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Ep.4. Stop Indoctrinating Our Kids

10 Reasons Why Britain will not Re-Join the EU

Why the Farage Banking Scandal Matters

Winning the Culture Wars

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The Tories Are Still Doomed

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Ep. 3. Mass Immigration is Managed Decline

The British Tories Are Tanking - Here's Why

The Small Boats Crisis in Numbers

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Ep. 2. The Institutions Don't Represent Us

Invitation: An Open Q&A

Ep. 1. The Revolution is Failing

Somebody needs to take control -- now

Rishi and Rwanda: Why He Should Turn Up the Volume

The Media Class Doesn't Represent Us

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Stop Dragging Our Kids into the Culture War

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National populism is here to stay

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Events in May

The party that never made a choice

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The perils of one-party rule

Is the tide turning?

They really don't like it up 'em!

How Britain came apart

How Britain came apart

How Britain came apart

The New Elite make the case for me

Rise of the New Elite

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The Red Wall Reality Check

Team Sunak are turning things around

The Times reviews VVV

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I asked voters the Reagan Question

The Tories are getting smashed on the economy

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Stop the Boats?

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Labour just left a huge open goal

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Has Britain entered post-populism?

Why I'm an optimist

Why you can forget Scexit - for now

What happened to our political class?

Woke Capitalism - what do people think?

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Look away Leavers

The left's second dilemma

Rishi's Away Day

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Don't believe the doomsters

Lady Hussey, cancel culture and forgiveness

This will decide the next election

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