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My Mission

My mission is simple —to help people make sense of, navigate, and respond to a political and cultural revolution which is sweeping through Western societies.

Ever since the 1980s, both Left and Right have been waging a revolution, ushering in a radical economic liberalism and a radical cultural liberalism which reflect the values of a ‘new elite’ but have left millions of ordinary people feeling lost and demoralised.

Today, this revolution is now also paving the way for the rise of a radically ‘woke’ progressive class of activists who are reshaping our institutions, our identity, our culture, and our history around a deeply divisive and toxic brand of identity politics, who are far more interested in attacking rather than celebrating who we are.

And now the effects of this revolution can be seen all around. A stagnant economy. Rampant inequalities. Declining living standards. Mass immigration. Cultural chaos. A stifling political correctness. The sexualisation and politicisation of our children. And populations which no longer believe in, or even know, who they are.

Unfortunately, our established politicians are either invested in the continuation of this revolution or simply no longer interested in pushing back. I take a different view. With my writing, videos, polling, and activism, I want to openly challenge the prevailing orthodoxy and help build a new foundation for free, dynamic, prosperous, family-oriented societies where ordinary people, not distant elites, are put first.

Too much of our national conversation is dominated by the same people who come from the same backgrounds, who share the same values, and who have absolutely no interest in reforming or overthrowing the status-quo. So, with your help, I want to change that by ensuring a different perspective is offered, heard, shared, and has a visible impact. I’ve already helped bring about real change, taking a lead in helping to push through legislation which defends free speech in our universities and pushes back against the illiberal Woke mob. But now, with your help, I want to do more.

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Praise for My Work

“Matt Goodwin is one of the few academics to be vindicated by the political trends of the past few years” - The Daily Telegraph

“Intelligent, counter-intuitive”, The Economist

“Informative and often compelling”, The Guardian

“A reality check”, The Telegraph

“The fundamental thrust of Goodwin’s argument is correct”, The Times

“Provocative”, Moneyweek

"An outstanding contribution to understanding politics”, The Independent

“Impassioned and convincing”, Spiked

“One of the most important books on politics for years”, The Spectator

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What paid supporters say

“Publications are needed to counter the vast amount of woke stuff everywhere you look. Please keep up the good work!” —Edward

“I have read your latest two books and met you at a recent conference. I look forward to becoming more informed about British politics. I am American and live in Los Angeles and have worked as a reporter at sixteen Republican and Democrat conventions. I hope to return to Britain in 2024 and cross paths” —Ed

“I’ve really enjoyed your writing. Your insight through data is incredibly valuable. There is a battle against far left/woke ideology and mass immigration in our society. I very much appreciate your work” —Marc

“Matt has a vital role in today’s broadening media landscape by providing a voice on behalf of the silent majority” -John

“I have enjoyed listening to you speak. I suspect 2024 is going to be a year when your content is going to be especially interesting and important” —SZT43

“I am from the USA and a conservative who believes a strong Anglosphere is a force for good in a world full of evil. [Matt’s Substack gives me] good info on the Tory party and the general status of British politics” -Tiberius

“You just get it!” -Emma

“I saw your recent chat with Peter Boghossian. I was really impressed with your competency, manner and passion on the topic of immigration in the UK. So I thought I’d subscribe to your Substack” —Joe

“A beacon of light in these dark times where the vast majority of politicians are as thick as a bank vault door” —Nick

“Matt, thank you for being such an English gentleman. Your voice is so valuable and needed in these troubled times. I enjoy your work” —Aimee

“Whether you know it or not, you’re a war correspondent. I respect that, but respect isn’t enough. Hopefully, my annual subscription plays a small part in allowing you to continue doing what you’re doing” —Koss

“I think what you are saying, and I have been listening to and reading you for some time now, is easily the most coherent and seemingly genuine analysis of the appalling situation, created by self-serving socially liberal parliamentarians” -Leslie


Matt Goodwin is a professor of political science, a writer, pollster, and political advisor to corporations and other bodies. You can also find him on Twitter.

He works where the worlds of research, politics, and policy collide —talking with politicians, journalists, and academics while crunching his own data and running his own opinion polls and focus groups.

Matt has advised countless governments, companies, and leaders around the globe, including one president, three Prime Ministers, leaders of the opposition, dozens of politicians, and more than a few CEOs from the world’s largest companies. 

He’s the author of multiple award-winning, bestselling books including the Sunday Times bestseller Values, Voice, and Virtue, which explains how and why the new elite lost touch, and the Sunday Times bestseller National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy, which has been translated into multiple languages.

He’s also the author of the definitive book on the Brexit vote, Brexit: Why Britain Voted to Leave the European Union, and the Political Book of the Year, Revolt on the Right, which successfully forecast the rise of populism and Brexit in Britain.

Matt writes regularly for media. He’s written for most major outlets, from The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal to The Telegraph and The Spectator. If you’d like to re-publish a Substack or commission Matt to write then get in touch.

Matt served for a decade as Associate and Senior Fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, a Senior Fellow at the Legatum Institute, an official advisor to the UK Education Committee, a Senior Fellow at Policy Exchange, and as one of the UK government’s Social Mobility Commissioners He has also been seconded to a government department, working alongside national policy makers.

Matt speaks regularly around the world to corporations, conferences, and client events about political issues. He’s given hundreds of keynote and after dinner talks. Here’s a recent example. If you’d like to ask Matt to speak at your event just drop him an e-mail. And if you’d like some testimonials from past events just ask.

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